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Nose Ring Piercing Surgical Steel Hoop Stud CZ Bone Screw Retainer 22G 20G 18G

Nose Ring Piercing Surgical Steel Hoop Stud CZ Bone Screw Retainer 22G 20G 18G

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Nose Ring Piercing Surgical Steel Hoop Stud CZ Bone Retainer Screw 22G 20G 18G

Find Many different Styles and Colors of Nose Ring Body Jewelry For your collection.
Best to Choose Your Style First then Size.
Non Retainer Items are made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel.
Retainers Made Of Bioflex Flexible Material.
Hoop Rings and Nose Screw Anodized for Long Lasting Color and Durability.
Items Sold Individually.

Styles Included

A) Nose Hoop Multi - 20G 18G 10MM 8MM 6MM
B) Nose Hoop Gold - 22G 20G 18G 10MM 8MM 6MM
C) Nose Hoop Black - 22G 20G 18G 10MM 8MM 6MM
D) Nose Hoop Silver - 22G 20G 18G 10MM 8MM 6MM
E) Nose Hoop Rose Gold - 22G 20G 18G 10MM 8MM 6MM
F) Nose Bone Multi Gem - 20G 6MM
G) Nose Bone Light Blue Gem - 20G 6MM
H) Nose Bone Pink Gem - 20G 6MM
I) Nose Bone Clear Gem - 20G 6MM
J) Nose Bone Dark Blue Gem - 20G 6MM
K) Nose Bone Purple Gem - 20G 6MM
L) Nose Bone Green Gem - 20G 6MM
M) Nose Bone Red Gem - 20G 6MM
N) Nose Bone Clear Retainer - 20G 18G 6MM
O) Nose Screw Clear Retainer - 18G 6MM
P) Nose Screw 4 Prong CZ - 18G 6MM
Q) Nose Screw Clear CZ - 18G 6MM
R) Nose Screw Rose Gold Clear CZ - 20G 18G 6MM
S) Nose Screw Ball End - 20G 18G 6MM
T) Nose Screw Spike End - 18G 6MM
U) Nose Screw Star Stud - 18G 6MM
V) Nose Screw Heart - 18G 6MM
W) Nose Fish Tail Prong CZ - 20G 18G 15MM
X) Seamless Hoop Ring - 20G 6MM
Y) Nose Screw Flesh Color Retainer - 18G 6MM

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