The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Your First Eyebrow Ring

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Your First Eyebrow Ring

Eyebrow Rings - The New Wave of Body piercings

Eyebrow rings have been on the rise for some time now, with men and women alike ditching the basic hoop in favor of more interesting body jewelry. But why has eyebrow piercing become so popular? How are they different from your everyday eyebrow ring, and what do they even do? Here’s everything you need to know about eyebrow rings!

What exactly are eyebrow rings?

Eyebrow rings (also known as eyebrow bars or eyebrow barbells) are a type of body piercing, usually worn in pairs. A barbell with an attachment on each end is inserted through each eyebrow, usually just above where they meet at your nose. Unlike most other types of body jewelry, these piercings are meant to be highly visible and part of your everyday appearance, rather than simply an ornament. They’re also one of the most common forms of body piercing today, especially among young women.

Benefits of eyebrow rings

While eyebrow rings are a new idea in body modification, they have many benefits. Often cheaper than other forms of body modification, eyebrow rings can be easily hidden under makeup if you don’t want them to be visible at work or school. People tend to underestimate just how uncomfortable eyebrow rings can be at first; it may take weeks before you get used to your piercing and stop experiencing pain. However, once you do get used to your ring, it will become second nature. You won’t even notice that you have one anymore! Eyebrow rings are also a great way to show off your personality without being too obvious about it. If you wear an eyebrow ring with pride, people will know that there is more to you than meets the eye!

Where can you get them done?

Eyebrow piercings are commonly done at tattoo or piercing parlors. If you're uncomfortable doing it yourself, visit a professional who will do it for you. They may be able to use pre-made jewelry that you can swap out later. However, if your piercing is large enough, they might have to create custom jewelry for you in their shop. Since eyebrow rings require larger holes than other piercings, you should expect them to be more expensive than other ear or nose piercings as well. What does it feel like?: Depending on where you get your ring pierced, you'll experience a different sensation. For example, if you get an eyebrow ring near your eye, there's a chance that getting pierced could cause some discomfort and temporary blurry vision. That's because when someone gets an eyelid piercing, they're essentially placing a hole through one of their eyes' most sensitive membranes—the conjunctiva—which covers both eyeballs and lines all inner eye surfaces. In fact, many people describe getting an eyelid piercing as being akin to getting punched in the face!

Things to consider before getting an eyebrow ring

Now that you’ve figured out what eyebrow ring to get, you need to know how to go about getting it. Start by figuring out what shape and color of eyebrow ring you want—this way, it’ll be easy for your artist to work with. Next, book an appointment at a local body piercing shop (use Yelp or Google Maps). During your consultation, ask if they can put in temporary earrings so you can see how they look and figure out if any changes need to be made. You may also want to bring in a photo or picture for reference—if not just make sure your artist has an idea of what you’re looking for! Finally, do a patch test on your arm three days before getting pierced.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Your First Eyebrow Ring

Getting an eyebrow ring is a relatively simple procedure and takes about 30 minutes or less to complete. While it’s not particularly painful, there are risks involved, including infection and scarring. Before getting your first piercing, you should make sure you get informed about what’s involved with it so that you can decide if it’s right for you. Learn all about eyebrow rings, including how they work and what risks are involved with them.


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