Bonnie S.


I will be 49 in August and am planning to have my fifth piercing in about a week. The road to these piercings has been a long one.I have been acquiring tattoos since I was a teen but only discovered piercings about 8 years ago. My oldest stepson came home on his eighteenth birthday sporting nipple piercings. I of course thought they were awesome and began researching the different types of piercings. My husband on the other hand was hardly thrilled. I began trying to get him to agree to me getting an eyebrow piercing a few months later. Two long years later he gave in and I immediately rushed out and got my right eyebrow pierced before he could change his mind. I began pestering him about a Monroe piercing shortly thereafter. Almost two years later I was still trying to convince him when my oldest daughter came for a visit and she shamed him into agreeing. I had gotten a matching tattoo with his oldest son so she told him it wasn’t fair that he didn’t want me to go and get a Monroe piercing with her. I decided it best not to begin pestering him again for awhile.Sadly about three months later a surgery forced me to abandon my monroe piercing. Two years later my husband, his oldest son and I were on vacation in Mexico and the outdoor cantina we frequented had a tattoo and piercing parlor above it. Of course I tried to convince him to agree to a piercing while we were there. Funny thing is he had absolutely no argument about the piercing I wanted (nipples/go figure) just that he wanted to wait till we were back home. In fact two days after getting home he carried me to have it done. Again sadly another surgery forced me to remove the nipple rings before they were healed. A year later I asked about getting a new piercing. I wanted a vampire bite but he would have no part of that. Only three months later he agreed to me getting my other eyebrow pierced. Said I wouldn’t look so lopsided that way ha ha. This time I went with his daughter, she was getting her third tattoo. When my husband asked me this year what I wanted for valentines I told him I wanted my bellybutton pierced and some new ink. To my utter astonishment he agreed without a seconds hesitation. Secretly he finds my ink and piercings sexy. Besides the only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize lol.