This story is about one of the stupidest and worse piercing you can ever try. I was 16 years old in high school young and dumb and really wanted my cartilage pierced. At that time the piercing gun was popular and pretty much the only way that piercings were done, but I was only 16 I didn’t have a job and couldn’t afford an $80 helix piercing so what did I do take matters into my own hands. My best friend and I got adventurous we went to the fabric store and got some sewing needles to pierce me with. We also had to go and pick up a stud to put in the piercing.

So when we finally got back to her house we sterilized the needles with boiling hot water and alcohol I don’t even know if we sterilized it properly but we did what we thought was right. I laid down on her bed she marked my ear with a small sharpie and pierced me did it hurt yes! The needle was very thin and seemed like it wasn’t strong enough to go through my cartilage she had to push and tug on my ear so hard it hurt like HELLLLLLLLLLL but she finally got it through and I put the stud in my ear was sore for weeks and it finally calmed down and healed fine after a while. I no longer have my piercings I had to take it for a job but I did enjoy it while I had it.