By Kerry from USA

A few weeks before Christmas I was done with all my shopping, sitting on the train playing with my phone, when somehow the thought popped into my head – “I bet I could handle getting my nipple pierced”. I let that thought sink in for a while as I googled ‘nipple piercings’, read through some FAQs (can I still breastfeed?), and looked up photos of female nipple piercings to get an idea of my options… I knew that ultimately I’d prefer a barbell over ring. I guess I’m not the type of girl you’d think (or I’d think) would get that kind of piercing (that is, unless you knew me during my high school heavy-eyeshadow phase), which fueled my want for it even more. It would be my little secret. Somewhere on that train ride, the thought solidified from mere curiosity to “Yeah, I think I’m gonna do this”.

When I told my coworker/good friend about it, she thought I was kidding. But a couple days after Christmas she went with me to the tattoo & piercing place to “enquire”. The piercing girl started explaining healing and aftercare procedures to me – that it’d be safer to pierce with a ring, blah blah blah – but I think it was her exuberant description of ‘micro tearing’ that did me in. I felt myself start to get weak. I hadn’t even taken off my coat or purse… we were just TALKING about it…. and I almost passed out. She let me sit down in her chair and gave me a lollipop to get my blood sugar going again. Once I came back from that lovely state, I just figured “Well, I’m here, let’s do this”.

My friend waited on the other side of the counter, piercing lady set up partitions around me, marked me, and explained to keep breathing – that she’d do it on the count of three – and to KEEP BREATHING. So, that happened. And honestly, it only hurt for the 1.5 seconds it took for the needle to go through. Maybe a little pinch when she put the ring in. I tried not to look down in fear that seeing it all go down would freak me out. When I checked it out after she was done – it did make me a little woozy to see something through my nipple… but it felt fine.

She said it’d be super sore for at least 3 days – though I never experienced any of that. I was worried that hugging people on New Years would be excruciating… but by the next day, all tucked into my bra, there were points where I practically forgot I’d had someone shove a needle through my nipple the day before.

I own quite a few jewelry options, but I mostly stick with a gold-look titanium 1/2 inch barbell (though when a 14k gold-plated one irritated outside the piercing, I had to switch to a horseshoe ring, which was sorta fun). A little over a year later, and I’m perfectly happy with my little secret!