By Heather P From: Plainfield, IN

Heather's Labret

I had to wait until I was 10 years old to get my ears pierced. I didn’t mind. I got married as soon as I hit 18 (16+ years and going strong) and had my belly button pierced. I took it out when I found out I was pregnant though. At some point, I finally realized I had a real long-term thing for piercings and tattoos. I prayed about my first tattoo actually, and felt God saying, “Go be who I created you to be, as long as you are seeking me along the way.” Shortly after that tattoo, I got another I designed and a nose piercing. Apparently it was the piercers first one! I didn’t know that until afterwards. Years later, I’m content with the piercings I’ve got now. I’ve definitely had numerous holes in my face and body, but I feel like my nose and labret are just a part of me. I forget they even exist. Same with my plugs. Now that these have healed properly and been there for a while, I love to order affordable and unique jewelry, like that I can get from I am not very flashy, and they offer simple in addition to bling or brands.