By: Curtis J., FLBCR-2

Please really try to imagine this as you read it because words can’t describe how funny and yet not so funny this situation was. First, I am a qualified piercer but currently live in a small redneck town an hour from Panama City, FL so there’s no shops around these neck of the woods. So I order jewelry and needles and pierce myself all the time. So one night around 2am I was bored and decided to do my 4th and furthest back guiche piercing. I use a mirror that I set on the toilet and stand in front of it bent over, measure the distance from the last one and mark the location, no big deal done it 3 times before. I’ve also done 4 nape piercings in a row on myself using two full mirrors with perfect success. So I prep my supplies on the counter in front of where I am bent over, very convenient that it’s in reaching distance, and begin to place the clamp, check it’s in the right position, and practice moving my hand to get the feel of doing it backwards so to speak. I’m ready to go so I reach and grab the needle and proceed to do the piercing, it’s perfectly placed and ready for jewelry. I don’t know if it was storming or just a blip but all of a sudden the power AND lights go out and its pitch black. I’m still bent over, needle is in, clamps still in place and I can’t see a damn thing. I walk VERY slowly, still bent over with one hand between my legs holding the clamps and trying not to repeatedly poke myself with the needle, which somehow I didn’t. I search with my free hand till I find my iPhone on the other counter, turn on the flashlight and then very carefully pitter patter backwards to the mirror on the toilet still holding the clamps and trying not to poke myself. I’m then trying to find a way to prop my phone up so that the light stays shining on what I’m doing and trying to make sure that it doesn’t slide off the toilet and cause another problem. Meanwhile, my arm holding the clamps is getting tired and starting to cramp up and go numb so I need to hurry this up before all my “work” goes to waste and I have to just take the needle out. Needless to say I take the clamps off, put the jewelry in, place the ball securely, clean up the area, finally stand up and wipe the sweat from my forehead and them BAM the lights come back on!!! God strike me dead if I’m lying and I hope this was amusing to you as it is to me now, not that it was during the process haha.