By: James K.0-gauge-00-gauge-internally-threaded-horseshoe-ring-papf00-3

As I look back on it now it all started many years ago and to understand this you have to relive that time.
In those days men had the tattoos and even ear piercing was a female thing with the exception of those that were into Goth. Well I started working part time in a restaurant a small but very well-known stack house and I pulled the weekend duty. That’s where I first met an employee named Ronny on one of those nights. He was a younger kid always with a smile and a joke everyone would love. Anyways, on this day he introduced himself to me and I noticed he spoke with a slur. “Excuse me Ronny” I said, “Have you been drinking? I mean I really don’t mind it’s just I’ll take the outside and you can stay back here.” He said “Oh no, I just got my Prince Albert piercing today so I took a little bit of something you know for the pain.” I didn’t get much of a chance to work with Ronny again till much later, about four weeks after it was a holiday and they called me in on a Monday and Ronny was there. “How’s that piercing working out?” “Oh better than I expected man, the girls love it!”


Many years went by and times change, men were wearing diamonds in their ears, sometimes both ears and tats were all the rave. I thought about piecing on and off but there were many other things to do but I had been reading and buying tools, materials and some jewelry. A few years later I decided it was time on the 16th of December just before Christmas I said what the hell and did the deed. I started out with a 6g needle and used an 8g stud then in days went up to a 4g. I know this is not the normal thing to do and I do not recommend it to anyone.
Make sure you know what size you want to be first. To make a long story shorter, in just over two months it healed nicely so I went up to a 2g and in four more weeks I went up to a 0g. Now I was not prepared for the 0g and what I thought was a 0g was really something between a 0g and a 2g, big mistake. Anyway now I am wearing a 2g and I change my jewelry back and forth I love the studs its easy but nothing draws attention like a good 2g barbell one inch with 3/8 ball ends take a look tell me what you think.