By Meghan N. from USA


After debating for a long time of where I wanted my next piercing (which would be my 10th – they are so addictive!), I finally decided on the rook piercing of my right ear. Unique, fun, and I had the perfect rook to be pierced – plus it would look great above my tragus piercing and three lobe piercings. So one night soon after, my best friend and I headed to the piercing/tattoo shop (this would be my third piercing from them). We were led to the room, I sat down, and told the artist what I wanted. He nodded, then asked me to pick a flavor, mint or bubblegum. I didn’t think much of it at first, so I said mint (just a fun question to keep me from being nervous, I thought). Then he handed me a little cup of mouthwash, told me to swish it around, and spit it out in the sink. I started to wonder if this was a new protocol for any piercing around the facial area (just in case I had bad breath, perhaps?), so I did as I was told. Next he asked me what size loop I wanted. Another weird question, as I thought a barbell was standard for a rook piercing. However, I dismissed this as well (maybe the shop had become a little unconventional), and requested the barbell. No problem. Moving along, he grabbed the antiseptic and a pen to mark the spot. He asked me what side, and I said right. At this, he does not ask me to turn so my right side is facing him. Instead, he started towards me, getting closer…closer…and I began to freak out – I was not understanding his methods! His hand comes up within an inch of my lip. WHAT?! I draw back exclaiming “WHOA! Dude, what are you doing? I want the ROOK pierced…on my right EAR!” The artist’s eyes got big, he started laughing, then apologized for having a crazy busy day and mistaking ‘rook’ for ‘lip’. Now, a year and half later, the piercing bug has me again. This time around I think I will go for the forward helix on my left ear…hopefully no one could misinterpret THAT!