By: Maria From: Orlando, FL


My piercing story is pretty embarrassing but oh well here it goes. I was 18 a freshman in college and no I shouldn’t have been drinking but I was along with a few other friends and I really wanted to get my tongue ring. So on a whim I went and got it pierced, when I was in the chair after all of the things were prepped for me to get pierced, the piercer told me to open my mouth, he dried my tongue off so that he could do the piercing. Obviously I had to keep my mouth open for the piercing and I couldnt help but drooling I was pretty intoxicated along with my mouth being open I couldnt help it. The piercing was successful, I dont remember it hurting I just remember the swelling the next morning and the days to follow being pretty bad but other than that it wasnt bad at all. The worst part about my piercing was drooling all over the really hot piercers hand while he pierced me LOL.