By: Josh M., OK.


Hi my name is Joshua. I have always been the lone wolf of the family, taking interest in the things that everyone else found strange like growl vocals and war. My favorite interest is world history and ancient war tactics, what I have noticed the most throughout history are the body modifications. The most interesting thing I have discovered is the fact that the people were not shunned or looked down upon for having body modifications. The point that I am making is that the human bodies are beautiful but everyone has a creative mind and a personality that needs to be shown off. Every musician has an original voice that is heard, so why are people that have body modifications looked down upon? That is my main goal in life is to show the world that the body is a blank convince that needs to be touched by an artist to become a walking art masterpiece. I have noticed a change as I’ve gotten older that more and more people do have tattoos and piercings, maybe one day we will all have beautiful art walking around proud just like our ancestors.