By: Melissa R. From: Houston, TX


So I decided it might be fun to try tongue ring venom bites. After much consideration and thought I talked to a good friend of mine. She worked as a piercist and knew what she was doing. I went and bought all the supplies and the day had come. After setting up she realized we forgot a marker. She said it would be okay she didn’t need it. So we continued with the first one. It was mildly painful until she said oops. I was like what? She said she missed the jewelry and had to restick it. I remained calm as I got stuck a second time. The blood began to pour although it didn’t phase me cause I am used to piercings. And then the third stick came. The pain was becoming quite prevalent and then she was like I’m done I won’t stick you no more. I was like “okayyy. . . ” and she was like you wanna take a picture? I said yes please so I got up to take the picture and look in the mirror. I quickly became appalled as I realized what was supposed to be my pretty little triangle on my tongue was not a triangle but indeed a crooked line. she assured me it would come out okay and she could she I was upset. A week later I ended up taking them out cause it never got any straighter. . . I intend to get them done right one day but the horror of the first time has me dreading the second lol