Paula From: Orlando, FL



I went to Vegas on a family vacation for my graduation gift. I had been asking my parent for the longest time to get my belly button pierced and my mom kept telling me I can get whatever I wanted to when I graduate and finally that day had come. So while we were out on the strip I saw a tattoo shop and I asked my dad if I could get my belly button pierced and he said OK. I walked into the shop, it was packed with people my dad told the guy at the counter that I was there to get my belly button pierced, I had to fill out some paperwork and wait for a good 45 minutes to be pierced. I was so excited I was on vacation and I was going to get my first official body piercing. My mom left the shop with my brothers and my dad stayed with me, the piercer sat me down in a chair and leaned it back so that he could prep me to get pierced. He marked my stomach and he didnt use the clamps on me he said he didnt like using them because they can scare you and make the healing time unpleasant in some cases. I did feel every bit of the piercing because I was looking at his every move the entire time. It wasn’t to bad, but if I had to do it again I think I’d pass. The greatest thing about my piercing is that my dad got me a 14 karat gold belly ring that I was able to get pierced with. I didnt have any complications with my belly piercing just a lil swelling in the beginning but nothing crazy!