Traveling and having Body Jewelry can be a difficult task if you are not prepared. If you are unsure of what do to make it easier, this blog is for you. You can accessorize in a wide variety of ways, you can be the center of attention, you can be yourself or you can hide your piercings if need be. I will give you all the best tips that have helped me in the past.

ilovebodypiercing Enjoy your Saturday 🐠 always remember to have fun 🐳 Our brand ambassador @brookieboocakes enjoying her free time.
Enjoy your Trip 🐠 always remember to have fun 🐳 Our brand ambassador @brookieboocakes enjoying her free time.

Any piece can be a great accessory, but first you have to ask yourself. Where am I going? What am I going to need while I’m there? Who will I be visiting? Once you’ve answered these questions you can make a better decision as to what jewelry to take with you and what extras you may need.

For example, if you are going somewhere hot and sunny and plan to be in the water you may want to bring water resistant pieces or ones without stones. You should also bring extra balls for tongue rings, septum rings, eyebrow rings, belly rings… Ect. It’s also smart to bring a few extra nose rings in case you lose one.

When traveling to some place cold, you might want to consider silicone, bio-flex jewelry or even wood. The metal will be cold when outside and might make you uncomfortable. Remember to bring a variety of pieces so that you can mix and match with what you are going to wear!

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If you are traveling to see family and they aren’t huge fans of body jewelry or piercings there are ways to keep your holes a secret. offers a wide variety of clear retainers for any piercing. Also if you have plugs and want to conceal them you could go with a solid or flesh tone earring to hide your gauges.





Just remember to have a great time and always be yourself!!