By Megan H. from Wyandotte, MI

Cartilage / Tragus Earrings

Well my collection started when I was younger. One piercing after another in all I have 20 right now. My most painful so far would have to be my rook. I recently got my tragus done. A friend of mine called (who is an amazing tattoo artist at Babydoll’s Tattoos in Taylor, MI.) and she explained she had wanted to start doing piercing and needed a guinea pig… I trust her with my life so I was totally down to let her stab me. My tragus piercing was the first she had ever done. I wasn’t worried about a thing. I think she was more excited than nervous. She was being overseen by a fellow artist and veteran piercer. She was very professional and knew exactly what to do. Even knew the proper tools to use, she has defiantly done her research. The piercing when being done didn’t hurt, it was just mostly pressure and some popping. She did a great job! It was perfectly placed and straight. She didn’t even slip while chasing the needle with the ring. So far it is healing well. Still a bit swollen a week later but Motrin helps that. It is kind of a pain to clean though.

Here is a picture of my left ear. I started gauging when I was about 14 against my mother’s will. I skipped from a 14 to an 8.. Which I highly do not recommend doing. That was painful and it made my ears rip. The best way to do it would be to get a tapering kit. Slowly do them one step at a time and use lubricant. I received the glass twister tapers from and love them to death. They were also a great price. I’ve been looking around at many places for some cool one at a good price. This site was the best. But then again they are for just about everything. I would highly recommend them to everyone. They are comfortable and aren’t too heavy. I can’t wait to do more business with Everything I’ve every bought has arrived in just a few days in perfect condition.

Thanks guys, Happy piercing!