By: Casey R., Utah

mehI’m no stranger to the needles, I have had a total of 18 piercings (some retired now) and 8 tattoos 🙂 My best advice to people wanting piercings is RESEARCH! please look into what your doing and who your letting pierce you, also what materials and methods they use. My best example of this was getting my first “major” piercing (meaning not my ears!) when i decided i wanted my tongue done for my 17th birthday. My first big mistake was not going to a shop. The lady was someone that knew my family and i babysat her kids. she had all the right materials and cleaned the area like she should but after all was said and done and i got to look at the new piercing it was so horrible crooked i almost cried! i left it in for a few weeks, making sure to take perfect care of it and hoping it would migrate a little and straighten out when the swelling went down but nope! I went back to this lady (notice this was the 2nd mistake) and she had me remove it and come back in 2 weeks to get it redone. stupid me trusted her and basically she put the needle through and threaded the jewelry on but when she went to remove the clamp it was stuck to my fresh bleeding tongue, the balls she had on the jewelry were too big to fit through the opening in the clamp. So just like that i ended up sitting in the chair bleeding while she tried to remove the ring and stick it back in after the clamp came off. horrible experience but at least its healed now and thankfully perfectly straight! Dont let this scare u out of getting it done but let it be a lesson to you to pick someone experienced and go to a real shop! I later took my best friend to get hers done in a real shop and it went so smoothly i felt completely ridiculous, i had put myself through so much pain and trouble only to save a couple bucks. be smart with your body fellow bodyjewelry shoppers <3

* As a bonus Casey has submitted a picture of a great twisted taper. Thanks Casey!252434_105832486176662_2376486_n (1)