By: Antoinette From: New York


My tongue piercing was a result to me losing a bet with one of my best friends. I have always wanted my tongue pierced but when I was younger I couldn’t  get it because my parent would have killed me. Now that I am older and out of my parents house I have tattoos and other piercings but the thought of piercing my tongue pretty much terrified me LOL. Well I ended up losing a bet and I bet that I would get my tongue pierced if I lost and sure enough I lost. After putting the piercing off for about 3 weeks with a laundry list of excuses that I gave my friend for why I couldn’t do it this day or that day. She finally got tired of my excuses, came and picked me up from my house and told me we were going to hang out downtown. Before I knew it, we were pulling up to a tattoo shop, I asked her why we weren’t down town and she said we aren’t going until you get your tongue pierced. I was so scared but I couldn’t show her that so I got out of the car and walked into the shop boldly. I was so scared that I don’t  even remember filling out any paperwork to get pierced. The piercer was extremely nice when he was piercing my tongue I was drooling everywhere due to me being so nervous, but he handled all of my drool well LOL he said he was use to women drooling over him. He was great the piercing wasn’t painful either just the swelling after it felt like I wasn’t going to be able to talk right for a while but after a week I was back to normal. My friend video taped the whole thing and ended up putting me on youtube. The experience was great!