By April B. from Granite Falls, WA

When I was 15 I wanted my tongue pierced so bad but I had to have parent permission to have it done. I knew my parents wouldn’t just be like okay lets go so I didn’t even ask. One night my mom asked if I wanted to go to bingo with my grandma and her, and I said yes, glad I did because I won $200 dollars! My mom won too but it was only $50. The next day she decided she was gonna use her money and go get a perm and asked if I would go with so again I went. On the way to the hair salon this idea popped in my head and I said “Hey Mom, you know how you want your hair permed really bad? Well, I really want my tongue pierced and…” before I could even finish she starts saying “Nope, April I don’t even think so!”

I continued by saying “Well how about this, if you take me and let me get my tongue pierced I will pay for it with my own money and I will even pay for your perm, what do you think?” She sat there for about two minutes and then all of a sudden turned the car around and looked at me with a smile even and said “Okay I’ll take you but give me the money for my perm now so you don’t back out.” It’s funny how as soon as I mention paying for her to get her hair done she completely agrees! So we get to the tattoo and piercing place and they do the piercing. The whole time my mom was cringing, lol! But I finally got the piercing I had wanted! Then about an hour after getting it pierced I was hungry and I knew they told me to eat soft things so I decided to make an egg salad sandwich and figured that would be okay, boy was I wrong! It didn’t really hurt too bad at all to get it pierced but when I tried to take one bite out of that sandwich I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt, it brought tears to my eyes! Lol! In the end it was all worth it though. I’m 26 today and still have it pierced after all these years and have never had any problems with it!