Are you thinking about something new and different in your body modification journey? Has stretching your ears, tongue, or lip crossed your mind but you don’t quite know what to expect? Well we are going to give you a quick run down of tips for ear stretching. You can stretch virtually any piercing, the most common piercings that are stretched are the ears, tongue, and lip.



When it comes to stretching any of your piercings make sure this is something that you thoroughly think about, because in most cases the modification is not reversible. So before you decide to stretch make sure this is something that you are willing to stay committed to. You should check that it is OK for your place of business. The first thing you should do when you have made your decision to stretch is to go see a professional piercer to have them begin the process, if you want to do it yourself you should still seek professional advise from them before starting.The next thing to do is choose the proper jewelry. You should look into getting an ear tapering kit if you plan to stretch your ears. After you have chosen your jewelry and the gauge size that you would like to move up to you need to start preparing your ears. If you are stretching your ear lobes for example you should rub it with either vitamin e or jojoba oil to prepare the ears for the jewelry to be inserted. You should do this for a few days before even inserting the jewelry.

For stretching you should really seek a professional piercer, but if you decide to do it on your own make sure that your hands are clean, your tapers have been sterilized and you have the time to properly put the taper in. Before inserting the taper it should be lubricated with an oil vitamin e or jojoba is fine, and the jewelry should be slowly guided through the hole. You should be extremely careful not to rush this process as it can cause a “blowout” or extreme tearing and ripping, which can make the healing time a lot longer.

The aftercare is just like any other piercing, make sure you clean it twice a day, use sea salt soaks, and allow your ears, lip, tongue, or whatever you decide to stretch to heal in between stretching before going up to a larger size.