Alyssa B.

I have learned my lesson about where you should go to get your piercings done over the years of me acquiring a total of 16 piercings. I began to get the majority of my piercings while I was in college. The tattoo parlor down the street from where my campus was did piercings for $20 that included jewelry. WHAT A DEAL, right?!?! It never occurred to me that the reason that ALL of my piercings that I got from there was because it wasn’t the cleanest environment, or they weren’t using high-quality jewelry, or because they wanted me to use iodine to clean my freshly done ones. I figured it was because that was just apart of the normal healing process. I would then need to go to the doctor for antibiotics and she would tell me I needed to take the piercing out. (I never did listen to her advice I left them in and was able to salvage all of them.) Anyways, it wasn’t until after college that I began to get into my piercing phase again and was living at home with my parents.

A strict body piercing place opened up near my house and to my surprise she really wasn’t that expensive (and she uses high-quality jewelry), the main difference with my new go to spot and where I recommend people to go is this…… she is a member of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers), she has AMAZING jewelry that you can choose and get pierced with right away rather than waiting until a new one heals and switching over to something cool looking, she autoclaves your piece of jewelry after you have chosen it, she fits you with the right length and size, she is VERY CLEAN in all her practices, and a lot of her materials are used once and throw away. She recommends that you use saline wipes or sea salt soaks to help heal your new piercing (something that I now swear by, I would NEVER use iodine or hand soap again) and truth be told, I really don’t even really need to clean my piercings after going to this location because I have never had any issues. What I’m trying to say is RESEARCH a place before you just decide to get a piercing done, trust your piercer, and don’t choose a location because it is cheap. IT IS NOT WORTH THE AFTERMATH.