Lane K.


This isn’t a story about getting a piercing, per se. It’s a story about having a piercing. I hope it qualifies 🙂

I got my nipples pierced the same year 9/11 happened, and the first time I went to the airport with them … I discovered that–with the up-tick in security at airports after that horrific day–nipple piercings could be a little problematic sometimes, depending on the airport … and my choice of jewelry!

I didn’t even think about it as I was standing in line for my security check. I’d never had problems with getting on a plane before, but when it came time for them to run ‘The Wand’ over my body that day, things got quite a bit more interesting:

The Wand, as the female TSA agent (roughly my same age…45 or so) ran it across my back: “BEEP!”

Me: “Wow! Okay, I didn’t expect that, but that’s obviously my bra beeping on you there. It has seventeen metal hooks down the back.”

The TSA Agent: “Oh. Okay.”

The Wand, as the TSA agent came around and ran it across my rather ample chest next: “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”

The woman looked instantly confused.

Me, knowing I needed to explain: “The bra has seventeen hooks that run down the front, too … plus, I have pierced nipples.”

The TSA Agent gave me a weird look, and then ran The Wand across my chest again.

The Wand: “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”

She gave me a second weird look—this one verging on “dirty”—so I tried to explain again.

Me: “I’m wearing nipple shields on the piercings, too. Big, round hunks of jewelry metal. That’s probably why they’re kicking your wand off. It’s a lot of metal.”

The disbelief was written all over her face by that point. She didn’t say anything. She just ran The Wand across my chest a third time.

The Wand: “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”

Me, beginning to wonder how long I was going to be standing there: “Here, let me show you.”

I stepped a little closer to her, looking to provide at least a little cover from the press of humanity around us, then reached down inside my bra through the neckline of my shirt, prepared to flip a nipple out on her right there.

The TSA Agent: “STOP! Don’t do that HERE!!!”


She grabs another female TSA agent, and they proceed to lead me into one of the side rooms they have set up for more intensive searches. It was a great big room with heavy curtain dividers they could use to create probably six separate areas, but we were the only ones in the room right that second—and, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m far from shy—so I just turned around as we entered … pulled the neck of my shirt down and flopped one nipple out over the top of the bra, showing them my 12g nipple piercing with the great big (silver dollar-sized) spiked nipple shield around it.

The original TSA Agent, literally throwing her hand in front of her face in horror: “Put it away!!!”


Both their faces were red as they released me. I’m sure I was the topic of conversation at lunch that day! And, bluntly, I could have had a small pistol stuck in my bra that day, too. They never would have found it … because those two middle age women were so HORRIFIED to see what I had shoved through my nipple … that they never bothered to look or search me any further 🙂