Heather W.


My way of rebellion was to get piercings. But I am not the rebellious type that will do things on impulse, so I have to research what I am planning on doing. I talked to some people in piercing / tattoo parlors to get their advice on getting my tragus pierced. I learned that since your tragus is so close to your ear drum that you definitely do not want someone using a piercing gun on it, so make sure the person doing the piercing is using a needle. Always ALWAYS make sure the needle has not been used before and is cleaned properly before they use it on you. I learned that getting a hoop in your tragus right after it is pierced is better than a bar because it can rotate the cleaning solution through the hole and lays easier so will not be bothered as much. If it is not bothered too much, there is a less chance of it getting infected. Also, because of the bars size, you have to remove it after two months and get something smaller. The hoop can stay in as long as you want. (I have been wearing the one mine was pierced with for over three years.) I had my cartilage pierced about a year before my tragus. The pains were different. My cartilage did not hurt as much getting done but throbbed for days after. My tragus was a sharp pain when it was pierced, but it did not hurt after that. My tragus is my favorite piercing, and I wish I had gotten both done. Due to my research and multiple piercings, I have friends that trust my opinions on piercings and I have been able to go with them to get their tragus’ and noses pierced.