Fresh Pierce
For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to get my lip pierced, and more recently my ears too. Every time that I brought up the idea to my parents, they basically just shut me down. My mom and sister have had their ears pierced since they were infants, but apparently because I’m a guy, it’s different. So, July of this year (2015) I finally turned 18! In late August, I moved from my home in California to Washington with my girlfriend to attend college, and I quickly started searching for tattoo/piercing shops near us. My girlfriend was really against the idea of me getting my lip pierced but I was finally at the point where I wasn’t going to tolerate anyone telling me no anymore. It was a rainy Sunday and I decided that it was finally the day. Since I didn’t get to bring my car to school with me, I found a few connecting buses that would get me near the shop. My girlfriend and I stood out at the bus stop in the rain and waited for the bus. We were about 1 minute late but we hoped the bus would be behind like it usually was anyways. After 10 minutes we decided that we had missed it and went back inside. The next one was coming in about 45 minutes. When it came time for the next bus, we got there 5 minutes early, we couldn’t have missed it this time! After standing in the rain for another 10 minutes, my girlfriend noticed the bus stop sign and read it out loud, “No buses at this stop on Sundays.” She finally thought she would get her way and I would be piercing free for at least another day. Of course by now, this wasn’t stopping me. I immediately called a taxi and 30 minutes and $10 later, we were in the shop. On an impulse decision, as I was filling out the paper work, my girlfriend decided to get her belly button pierced. I was so excited by this point. We went into the back and she went first. In no time, her belly button was shining with the stainless steel bar. I went next and sat down as the lady marked a spot on the right side of my bottom lip. The needle went through and it hurt! After feeling that I instantly teared up, I wasn’t crying though, it was just an instant reaction! (I swear!) After feeling that, I barely even noticed the 14 gauge needles go through my ears. Since I anticipate stretching my ears, I opted to get a larger initial piercing. After we were all finished and paid I couldn’t have been happier. Every day that I wake up and look in the mirror, I get excited. This was one my best life decisions and it really made me feel like more of an adult. I can’t wait to stretch my ears more, and I have even been debating whether or not to get my nose pierced!