Well it originally started about 2 or 3 years ago. I had my lip pierced. The labret was in the center slightly lower from the bottom lip. I was new to body jewelry and was careless with it. The reason I say that is because at seven weeks, I took the jewelry out for about an hour. When I tried to put the jewelry back in, the outside was closed completely. I was so sad because I wanted to keep my piercing.

So in November of last year, I set aside some money to get my lip re-pierced. I went back to my original piercing parlor Infinite Body. My piercer’s name is Kellan and he was just as professional as he was when he pierced me the first time. I was with my boyfriend and I really wanted him to be there to see it. I was a bit nervous but I knew it wouldn’t hurt as much, and I based that on my last experience.

He gives me a pep talk about what type of piercing it is, how the needles work, labret studs, ect. He marked 3 spots in the area I wanted pierced to see which I liked the most. I picked one and he wen to work right away. The area was cleaned up, the piercing went fast and I loved it so much. The staff was so friendly and I even left a tip. I always enjoy going to Infinite because you get great quality customer service. I am so happy to have my lip pierced again! It is now 6 months old and I am keeping it in this time.