By Cassie C. from USA



It was prom weekend…in Seaside Heights. That statement alone should tell you something about this story. Anyway we get there and a few hours later my friend’s friend, a girl who I know only slightly, bursts into our rented shore house sporting a brand new belly button piercing. “I just got it on the boardwalk!” she says. And I, being pretty hammered at this point, decided I just had to have one too!

So this girl and her boyfriend, who I had only just met, take me back to the piercing place. And by “piercing place” I mean a typical Seaside boardwalk shop with a piercing room in the back. And let me tell you, I do not know how they let me get this piercing done! I messed up at least three times filling out the paperwork and when I got to the back I literally stumbled onto the piercing table! The piercer either didn’t notice or didn’t care, probably the latter. He asked me what color ring I wanted I chose black and he responded with, “ooh black- I like that!” Which totally made me feel like a badass. He gripped my skin the clamp and before I knew it I was pierced! It was kind of crooked but I didn’t care at all. I then tipped him and went on my merry little drunk way showing everyone my new piercing.

Later that day, after joining in on a random beach zumba group, I realized I had to clean the piercing and for whatever reason thought that seawater would do the trick. In most cases it may have- but Seaside ocean water? No way! I may as well have rinsed it with toilet water. I went up to a group of strangers holding an empty water bottle and asked one of the guys to fill it up for me. Coincidentally, the guy I asked was trying to decide if he wanted his nipple pierced. I obviously voted yes!

I’m almost forgetting the best part of the story! After I got pierced I stopped by my friends’ motel room- yes, motel- excited and giddy to show them. Everyone, being just as drunk as I was, thought it was the coolest thing ever. One friend, who gets particularly mischievous tried to touch it and when I told him not to he proceeded to say “I’m not gonna touch it, I just wanna rip it out,” and tried to pounce on me! Our friends held him back as I cowered behind a chair and eventually escaped.
All in all everything surrounding getting my belly button pierced was random, ridiculous and drunk. So there you go, that’s my piercing story!