Many people wonder how much the piercing industry and market has grown. We have gathered some facts that will enlightened us as to how far the piercing market has gone and how much more it will grow.

The piercing market is a $500 million dollar business in today’s economy. This market grows approximately 10% each year. The US Census says that there are 57 million Americans that fall between the age of 15-29, this age group is the prime age for attracting and introducing people to piercings. Many believe that 20% of this group, 11 million people, are already pierced. Body jewelry is growing to be one of the most sold goods on the market. This is partly due to its widespread appeal and its use as a fashion trend. Research also shows that kids in their late teens and early twenties have at least one piercing, and more than 60% of them got their piercing during their college years. The pool of people who are pierced grow by 10% each year.

Body jewelry has become mainstream and many people still do not approve of its use and practice. Many people will be surprised to know that the people closest to them are probably already pierced.