By: Angela T. From: Shorewood, IL


Eyebrow ring

A little bit about me. I have 12 tattoos and counting. I also have the following piercings: Industrial Barbell, nose, navel, eyebrow ring, tragus and I have 2 cartilage in one ear, along with four regular piercings on both of my ears.
For the past 10 years I have gone to the same Tattoo Parlor to get all my piercings and tattoos done. The shop is called Suburban 171 and it’s in Romeoville, IL (little plug for my shop!)
Anyway, the same two guys have always done my work. They’re awesome at what they do and I figure if you find someone you like in the industry, stick with them, they won’t do you wrong.
So I go in there to get my eyebrow pierced. Normally I have this guy named Perv do it. Don’t ask me about his name, I have no idea! Problem was Perv was out of town at a convention. So the girl behind the counter says they have a new guy who does piercings as well and would I like him to do mine. Well I didn’t want to wait 10 days for Perv to get back in town. I’m all for instant gratification. So I tell her sure. She goes into the back and comes back out with this guy following her.
He was, at most, 5′ 3″. He was super skinny, had a neon green Mohawk and tons of piercings, but no tattoos that I could see.
He introduces himself to me as Brian and has me follow him back to a room. He asks me which side I want done, then tells me to lay on the table. He’s talking to me while he sterilizes everything, but I’m not really listening. I’m hoping this will be quick because I had to pick my daughter up from work. However, when he was talking, I heard him say the word “new”, I didn’t give it much thought.
Now everything is done ad he’s ready to pierce. So he puts a little dot on my eyebrow to show me where it will go and gives me a mirror to check it out. I say it’s fine. Then I feel him wiping it off. He says, “Sorry, it wasn’t symmetrical to your nose.” I’m laying there thinking, WTF? The he takes a ruler and angles it from the tip of my nose to the far end of my eyebrow. He marks it again and shows me again. He says, “That’s way better, don’t you think?” I said yes, but I was actually thinking it looked the same as the first time he showed me.
Ok, ready to go. He leans over me and I can feel his body shaking against mine. Then he stretches further over me and jams his elbow right into my boob! I’m laying there thinking how much more my boob hurt than the piercing. Finally he gets the piercing done, but he can’t screw the ball into the end of the ring! He keeps telling me he’s sorry and that he’s only done two other eyebrows and that he always has trouble screwing it together. Finally, after what felt like 20 minutes, he got it on. Such a relief when he stood up and got his elbow out of my boob!
So I was there for about 20 minutes. I’d honestly have to say the actual piercing took 5 minutes and him fumbling around trying to get the ball on took 15 minutes. It was freaking crazy.
As I was walking to my car, I thought, note to self. Next time, no matter how long, WAIT FOR PERV!!