By Tiffany From: Canada



My story is about piercing my medusa. I have quite a few tattoos and the only piercings that I had was my belly button ring. I later got my snake bites which are my favorite but they were quite a bit when it comes to after care. So when it came down to getting a new piercing I didnt know what I wanted to do next it seems like everyone had a labret or a monroe piercing and  I wanted to be different. Just like my snake bites I didnt just want one lip ring like everyone else I wanted something different. So when I got to the tattoo shop and I spoke to my piercer I told her that I wanted something different and she actually suggested the medusa. She said it was look nice with the two snake bites, it was something different so why not right? I wasnt really nervous I have a very very high pain tolerance so I can’t really give advice on how much it hurt because none of my modifications were painful to me. I would recommend this piercing if you want to try something different.