By Suzanna A., From Mesa, AZ

Suzanna's Belly button piercing

It took me three years to get my belly button pierced but it happened. I had wanted to get my belly button pierced since I was 14. I told my mom and she said I had me wait till I was 16. Then on my 16th birthday nothing was said about me getting my belly button pierced so I kind of left it alone for about a month. then I started asking again and she kept putting it off. I think this could have been because my dad didn’t want me to get it done. Then when he was gone for a while I started asking again, and she again said I could get it done. I went to California with my best friend and she got hers done while I was gone. I got really upset with her, because we were going to get it done together.
I kept bothering her about it till I got a date. So I ordered my own titanium belly button ring from and told her I was ready to go. And again it was put off. then When she finally took me to get it done I got nervous, and I think that was because I had heard from many different people that it hurts. so I was expecting some painful long process. Then when I got to the tattoo shop and sat in that curved piercing chair, I was told to take a breathe and let it out slowly. By time the air was all out of my lungs I had a belly button piercing. I couldn’t believe that something that so many other people I had talked to said they were in tears by time the piercer followed the ring after the needle. Now all I can think is man those girls are babies.

so if you are thinking about getting your belly button done then just remember that it doesn’t hurt an take time to make sure that that is what you truly want. Also make sure you are doing it for you and not to fit in with the crowd.