Tyler R.


Hello. So i decided to get my lip pierced, so I asked my father if i could get it done for my birthday. He said no. So i then proceeded to ask my mother. Due to perks of divorced parents, she said yes. So the day after my birthday my mother took me to a local piercing shop. We walked in and a skinny man with a scruffy face greeted us. We told him i wanted my lip done. After about 5 solid minutes of talking to him. I noticed he had not one, but TWO LAZY EYES! I was just really worried. I was quivering in my Chuck Taylor’s hoping he wouldn’t be stabbing me in the face. Sure enough, it was him. So he took me back to a room and started sanitizing his utensils. Now I was shaking. But only slightly because i didn’t want him to notice, not that he would anyways. He told me the process and i nodded. The then brought the massive needle up to my face. And he took a few minutes to angle it correctly. Then slice!! Tough my lip, but hit 3 teeth along the way. And I was bleeding uncontrollably. We walked out and now i had a silver ring in my lip, the part that i did want, and a mouth that looked like a murder scene, the part that i didn’t want. We got in the car and i felt woozie. I didn’t think I was gonna make it. So surprisingly i did. When I got home to my fathers house he didn’t suspect anything, due to the fact that i wore a fake lip ring for the past week before getting it done. My father and stepmother didn’t notice i had a fake lip ring until two weeks after the piercing.