By Christina From: Austin, TX




I had my tongue pierced about 3 years ago and I wanted to add to it so I got another ring right in front of that piercing and that just wasn’t enough. I work for myself so I don’t really have to worry about a workplace and looking professional for people and I really wanted to do something extreme in body modification and I really couldn’t commit to stretching my ears so I started out with stretching my tongue I took both of the tongue rings and put a larger gauge in the piercing until I got to a 6 gauge in each and on day it popped and I had one big hole in my tongue. I had to go to the tattoo shop in hopes to find a 4 gauge barbell that I could put in my tongue to keep it from closing up. When I got to the tattoo shop I was talking with the piercer and told him that I wanted something extreme in body modification and he suggested that I split my tongue. At first thought it sounded crazy but eventually the idea grew on me so a few weeks later I went back and had them split my tongue. I must say it was a whole lot of blood involved in that. I love having a split tongue its a lot better than just a stretched tongue. I plan to pierce each side of the split tongue this winter.