Judy from Utah



I was extremely excited when I finally turned 16 my mom told me that I could finally get a piercing. For the longest I wanted my belly button pierced but after a while and everyone getting it I wanted to do something different. I wanted an ear piercings. My mom didn’t agree with me getting an industrial barbell piercing, she said it was way to big and too much responsibility, she also felt like that tragus was unsafe so I persuaded her into letting me get my conch pierced and she agreed. I was so excited I went and told all my friends at school that I was getting my conch pierced that weekend. The weekend finally arrived and my mom took me down to the piercing shop on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t want to look nervous in front of people that were waiting to get tattoos done. I sat while my mom filled out some paperwork, the piercer called me into the piercing room which just so happened to be the first room with no door just curtain so now I really couldn’t scream LOL. I prepped everything and told me to take a deep breathe and I could hear the needled going through my ear it sounded like crunching. The pain was not so bad but the sound was horrific. My piercing looks amazing, I absolutely love it!