By Ariana C. from Hialeah, FL

I was 20 when I went to go get my tongue pierced with my boyfriend, which by the way had already ear piercing and a bunch of tattoos. He was dying to get a tongue pierced but wanted me to go do it with him so I decided to do it. He was comforting me and being very cute and saying everything was going to be ok not to be scared that its just a needle like the ones used in tattoos.

So he sat down and he was ready to do it when out of no where started trembling and the guy started pressing on his tongue with just the clamp, he was trembling that even tears came out of his eyes, boom it got pierced. He got up hardly being able to walk. Then came my turn, I thought I was going to faint by seeing him, I sat the man clamped my tongue, pierced my tongue, I got up and it was over, nothing out of the world when I come to see my boyfriend he was sitting down nauseous and sweating. As for me, jumping of joy for having another piercing that I even ate Mcdonalds and he ate soup…lol. that was a great experience.