Like any good piercing story, mine started out with “if you do it, I’ll do it.” My friend really wanted to get her nipples pierced, but didn’t have the bravery and encouragement she needed to just go out and get them done. Originally, I had no intention of ever getting my nipples pierced, but after all, friends are there to support each other, and I had plenty of experience with getting pierced. I was feeling impulsive and like a junkie who needed a fix, I knew that another piercing was exactly what I needed. That’s what motivated me to tell her, “If you want to go do it, I’ll get mine pierced too.”

Before either of us could change our minds, we headed to the tattoo and piercing shop to go through with this plan. As we waited though, my friend began to have her doubts, and no amount of persuasion could convince her to let someone pierce her. That left just me, and at that this point, I wanted my piercings and refused to chicken out. I headed to the room and awkwardly laid there with my shirt off, anticipating the pain of the needle. It turned out that the pain of the clamp she had to use to correctly position the needle through was almost worse.

As my piercer got everything ready, the awkwardness started to vanish as she told me her own hardcore story about piercing her own nipples. I told myself that if this chick could manage to voluntarily do that to herself, then there’s no way I couldn’t get mine done. After some pain and a little blood, I had myself two new piercings. Though it almost felt like I had been repeatedly stung by bees and was in some pain, I could already tell that I loved them.

This is how after just trying to help a friend out and having no intention of getting any more piercings myself, I, of course, ended up with two new ones. To this day, they are my favorite piercings and have actually given me so much confidence in myself. While sometimes being impulsive can have serious consequences, this impulsive decision ended up being one of the best ones I’ve ever made.