Jaimee P.


When I was little I remember my mother lecturing my siblings about how to protect your bodies and not mark them with ink and pierce them with metal. She was hesitant to even let me get my ears pierced when I was 6.

As my siblings and I grew her mind set changed. It mostly changed because once they hit 18, all bets were off. I was still so young, there was a 10 year difference between me and my brother and 12 between my sister and I. I wanted to be the good kid and respect my mom but keeping my skin clean and pure. My brother went wild; 2 tongue piercings, eye brow, gauged ears, tattoos. My sister was tamer but still had enough piercings for her to get lectured. My mom still looked at me to be the good one, and I was. I was good until I discovered nose piercings at 15. I wanted one so bad and knew it wouldn’t happen with my mom around so I did what any youngest child does and got my sister to take me. I have never been bad with pain so I took it like a champ. The only thing I was scared of was my mother. I was able to hide it from her for a day or two but by day three she caught on to the hiding one side of my face all the time. When she saw it my heart stopped and I felt like my stomach might fall out of my ass. She looked at my nose, at me, then my nose again. What happened next wasn’t something I would have ever expected from my mom, she laughed. A loud, real, laugh. After she caught her breath she looked at me and told me she was waiting for me to get my first piercing but seeing how little it was I fit my place as the baby. After that my body mod decisions have never affected her and I suppose being the youngest of 3 I missed out on the drama filled reactions. I mean I already beat teen pregnancy, I hate alcohol, and my friends and I are way too uncool to get into trouble. I have since taken it out and have gotten my septum pierced. I am not done with piercings but I’m just waiting for a good one to really shock my mom. I mean I deserve a good ol’ crazy mom reaction like my siblings, right? Piercings are my way of showing who I am. Whether I keep them or not is never an issue, being brave enough and just rad enough to do it is why I like it!

Stay weird my friends!