Candace From: Connecticut


My brother has been tattooing for about 15 years now and he finally opened his own shop this past summer. We were extremely excited for him in this big new step of business. When he opened his new shop he wanted to get into piercings as well. He along with a friend of his that would be working in the shop went and got certified to be piercers. After that, he was ready to stick a hole in anyone that would allow him. For a while I had been wanted a cartilage piercing, I was torn between the rook and the tragus. My brother kept bothering me to let him pierce me, I figured why not he has done all of my tattoos so far, what can possibly go wrong? After work I headed down to his shop, he set everything up I told him that I didn’t really know which piercing I wanted and of course he suggested just doing them both, and that’s exactly what I did. I pierced my left ear both the tragus and rook, it was a pretty painful experience all in one shot but it was definitely worth the pain.