By Micah T. from Bellevue, NE

Micah's Ear Plug

Ever since I ordered the stainless steel taper kit I have not been disappointed. It was a speedy delivery that was hear I less then a week. The product was real cheap for such a large amount of piercings. Overall I was really happy with this product and I love shopping online at this store. They are constantly offering deals for their merchandise. I have taken them up on these deals plenty of times I bought a pair of plugs for 00 and they were 50% off so they were real cheap I am currently wearing them and couldn’t be 100 more proud. When anyone ask where I bought these plugs I kindly direct them to this store and tell them about the great prices that they offer, and how after and order they send you a 20% off of your next purchase.

I love the wide variety of ear tapers that they offer and the ear plugs are really nice and the quality better then any other store. I ordered a pair of 0 plugs from a store called pierced fish and it took ten days to get to me. I had to call them and make sure my order went through so 200 the moral of that story is I’m sticking to ordering from here the other online stores  I haven’t had the best of luck with them. I really like this store because they offer live assistance they will send you links for certain questions you have. Its really helpful instead of digging through the site aimlessly you can easily just ask and you shall receive. The help from these guys is great they tell you about deals and want you to come back they appreciate your business and they love it when you support their site. It is really important to a 100 customer qualities like this about a site where they want you to come back and they want you to send pictures in so they can use them and they have so many support pages that people write plenty of reviews personally i have no problems with this site at all and i will keep coming back for a long time.