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Tag Archives : rook piercing

Pierced My Rook!!

Before I got my rook pierced, all I had ever gotten done was my ear lobes (3 times) so I didn’t really know what to expect from a cartilage piercing. Originally my plan was to get my snug pierced but when I asked the piercer, she advised against it because apparently 4 out of 5 snug piercings get rejected and…

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BFF Piercings – My Story!

I had known my bestie for about 6 months when we got pierced together. We went to Indiana University in Bloomington together and I had just gotten back to my dorm room when she called me.“Hey, what’s up dude?” I answered.“I’m thinking about getting my lip pierced”“Oh, cool. That sounds fun. I’ve been thinking about getting my rook done. I’ve…

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Rude Rook

  Chelsea F. My girlfriend and I went for a new piercing New Years Day. Gypsy Rose in Calgary AB, Canada (where all my piercings are done) was open and it was gonna be a good day!! I was first up to the bench, choosing the rook as my next to get. I have my lobes stretched to 5mm, second…

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Double the pain

By: Kim From: Alabama   It took me a few months to figure out which piercing I wanted to do next, I had my cartilage pierced before but it was done many many many years ago with a gun and it just didnt work out well for me so I ended up taking it out. I really wanted to get…

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My piercing journey

By: Christina L. From: Tennessee   I have to start out by saying that I love tattoos and piercings and when I get bored or I feel like its been a while I tend to get some new ink or a new hole in my body. My very first “body piercing” besides my earlobe was my belly button, I was…

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What does ‘rook’ sound like?

By Meghan N. from USA After debating for a long time of where I wanted my next piercing (which would be my 10th – they are so addictive!), I finally decided on the rook piercing of my right ear. Unique, fun, and I had the perfect rook to be pierced – plus it would look great above my tragus piercing…

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