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Piercing For A Cause : Meg’s Piercing Story

Piercings For A Cause by Meg Curry I have 7 piercings in total, but I’ll tell the stories of my two favorite! My first actual piercing (other than my ear lobes which got pierced when I was just a baby) was my left helix/cartilage piercing. I got it when I was just 10 years old! Other than it being my…

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Trip to Vegas

Paula From: Orlando, FL   I went to Vegas on a family vacation for my graduation gift. I had been asking my parent for the longest time to get my belly button pierced and my mom kept telling me I can get whatever I wanted to when I graduate and finally that day had come. So while we were out…

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Double the pain

By: Kim From: Alabama   It took me a few months to figure out which piercing I wanted to do next, I had my cartilage pierced before but it was done many many many years ago with a gun and it just didnt work out well for me so I ended up taking it out. I really wanted to get…

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my unnoticeable nose ring

By:Tasha From: Wisconsin   I’ve been waiting for quite sometime now to get a new piercing. I have wanted to get a new piercing for a while now but I couldn’t decide what to pierce. I work at a law firm and we really aren’t able to have piercings and tattoos that are extremely noticeable so I had to do…

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Spur of the moment

I was in my Junior year in college and after my finals were over it was time to party of course! On impulse, the night of my last exam I went over to the tattoo shop, the piercer Mike (who is awesome by the way) set up the room while I signed all of the paper work to get it…

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Second Time around

By: Kevin From: Tampa, FL     I don’t consider myself to be an extremist when it comes to body modification like piercings and tattoos, but I do have 4 piercings and 17 tattoos and counting. My most recent piercing was an eyebrow piercing that I pierced for the second time because the first one rejected. The first time I…

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First Body Piercing

By Tracy S. From: San Diego, CA     My first piercing was when I’d turned 18 and had already gotten my first tattoo and I really wanted a belly button ring, for a while but I was always too scared to actually do it. I was out with my cousin and his girlfriend and I really wanted my belly…

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Changing your Body Jewelry

After you get a new piercing it can be extremely exciting you all you want to do is get that plain old jewelry out of your piercing and put something of your choice in it, but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. After getting a new piercing the aftercare is extremely important and part of that aftercare process is not changing…

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My nose- my tears

By: Kaitlyn S.  From: Utica, NY When I was 18- after having two lip piercings, my eyebrow pierced, and multiple ear piercings- I decided a nose piercing was next. I was out with my Friend, Audrey, and decided to just stop into the local tattoo shop and get it done. I laid down on the table, not even nervous as…

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