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Piercing For A Cause : Meg’s Piercing Story

Piercings For A Cause by Meg Curry I have 7 piercings in total, but I’ll tell the stories of my two favorite! My first actual piercing (other than my ear lobes which got pierced when I was just a baby) was my left helix/cartilage piercing. I got it when I was just 10 years old! Other than it being my…

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My First Cartilage piercing

By Eileen From: Tennessee   After I got my second hole pierced in high school, I suddenly became obsessed with piercings. I don’t have any tattoos but my friends that do started out with one and now have a few, so I guess tattoos and piercings are just as addictive. The only reason why I haven’t gone piercing crazy is…

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My tragus

By: Mercedes From: Ohio     When I originally went to get my piercing I wanted a industrial piercing, but when I got to the piercing studio the piercer told me that my ear was to small and the way that it is shaped he wouldn’t advise me to get it. So I was back to square one, I was…

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My stretching journey

By Alexa From:Miami, FL     My name is Alexa and this is my piercing story. My body piercings and tattooing started when I was very young. When I was 14 years old my mom let me get my second hole in my ear. When I was 16 for my birthday I was able to get my helix pierced. My…

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All my cartilage piercings

By Tory From: Canada I have been into piercings since I was 10 when I first got my ear lobe pierced. Over the years I acquired more and more piercings. I now have 12 piercings, but my favorite ones are in my ears. I started out with stretching my ear lobes when I was in my senior year of high…

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