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Piercing For A Cause : Meg’s Piercing Story

Piercings For A Cause by Meg Curry I have 7 piercings in total, but I’ll tell the stories of my two favorite! My first actual piercing (other than my ear lobes which got pierced when I was just a baby) was my left helix/cartilage piercing. I got it when I was just 10 years old! Other than it being my…

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“Extreme” Piercings

I lived my entire life content (22 years!) with my ears pierced ever since I was a little kid. But it wasn’t until I was 21 and starting to feel a little rebellious, I thought about getting my tongue pierced. The thing about me was that if it was something as “extreme” as getting my tongue pierced, I needed to…

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Piercings – A love hate relationship

When I was in fourth grade I got my ears pierced for the first time. Earrings would bother my ears a lot so I had to buy hypoallergenic ones. Many of the cute shapes I was not able to wear. My collection consisted of mostly studs in different colors. I was in 8th grade when I started realizing that the…

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BFF Piercings – My Story!

I had known my bestie for about 6 months when we got pierced together. We went to Indiana University in Bloomington together and I had just gotten back to my dorm room when she called me.“Hey, what’s up dude?” I answered.“I’m thinking about getting my lip pierced”“Oh, cool. That sounds fun. I’ve been thinking about getting my rook done. I’ve…

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My Piercing Story!

So, to start off my story, I’m going to let you know that I am no newcomer to the piercing world. Before turning 18, I already had my belly pierced as well as 3 sets of earlobe piercings. When I turned 18 I went a little crazy, my parents weren’t fans of piercings and I am quite the rebel. I…

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P.A. Memoir

BK The only surviving piercing I still have is my P.A. (nipples long ago closed up) I got it approximately 20 years ago at a small shop in Joplin, MO. At that time my home state did not have legal tattooing and body piercing shops so I had to road trip it. I had gone out the night before with…

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Autumn Sky’s first piercing

Autumn R. Aaaahhh. Yes it was a good I have many now but here is my first experience :). Growing up I would get in trouble for even thinking about tattoos or piercings. I loved them I’ve always been drawn to them. But my adopted mother and my father told me “THEY’RE FOR THE DEVIL!!” Lol but anyways so..I…

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Belly Button Piercing

Katrina R. I wanted my belly button pierced for years and finally after a lot of begging my dad agreed. My brother said I would chicken out and not do it so we made a bet. If I didn’t chicken out, he would pay for it! Yay me right? We got to the piercing parlor and my mom had to…

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Heart Industrial

Rene V. A piercing is something you have to love to get for yourself. Often I’ve gotten compliments on my industrial barbell piercing and all the fun and different earrings to use. I decided to get my piercing with my sister in law and we were both very nervous given the fact that its not something we were at all…

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