By Brianne K .



Ever since I was thirteen and a lil before I loved piercings and all types of body modification. I started getting piercings at 13 and I saw gauges when I was younger and outwardly aux those are stupid and ugly but deep inside I thought they were rad. So I started out with subtly putting in large earrings like 16g or 14g when I was younger and none noticed. Just recently I put in 8g and out was all good. Two days ago I put in 6g (I waited the two weeks to upgrade to next size) so I pushed the taper in halfway and it was stuck in both ears that way. I was frustrated and I had the gauging balm but that didn’t help with pain lol. Anyways I just shoved the rest in of it in and I was given an all headache all day and night. The next day was still bad and my ears were almost purple and swollen badly. I took out the left one and jinks of flesh were in my ear just came out and it was bleeding bad. I cleaned the mess up and Lubec my ear with gauge gear balm and moisturized again later. The swelling went down and so did the pain. I had a blow out and a pretty nasty one at that too. But if you catch it early and TAKE CARE of your ears then you can prevent kelidos scarring, damage etc. Moisturize up to 3 times a day whether you have a blow out or not!