By. Carly B., Ontario


My name is Carly and I have 6 ear piercings. I have not had the best year at school, and my plans to get an industrial bar got side tracked by my parents. When you live at home, you live by their rules. But I still wanted a new addition to my ears. And instead of paying the extraordinary amount of money for an industrial, I tried to find something else. I honestly never planned on stretching my ears. One day it just happened. I was searching online for different piercings and just happened to find a set of tapers, for a reasonable price! I have always loved stretched ears, but, on other people. I didn’t have my own credit card to order, so I had to “borrow” my fathers. I bought the taper set and a pair of belly button rings because I couldn’t find 14ga anything, not that I looked too hard haha. I walked around with belly button ears for a month and finally went to 12ga and have real tunnels. And my dad did freak a little, but oh well.

I plan to go up to at least a 2ga, which isn’t nearly as intense as other peoples!
I also plan in getting that industrial, a belly button piercing and possibly a tongue ring is in order. Piercing is extremely addicting, although I’m not entirely sure why.

I saw one of my friends, since no one else we know are stretching our ears, we talked piercings. She has one taper in ear size, and one plug. One day she lost her plug and just stretch end to the next size, since the other ear was using the smaller size. Does that sounds like a horrible idea, or is it just me? Also she was stretching at an interval of about 3 days between sizes!!! And guess what?! She had a blowout. I think I’m gonna take that as a warning. By March or April I sound be at my goal size. Wish me luck!