Erika L.

1When I was 16 years old, I went to my local tattoo parlor and got piercings with my very first paycheck. I had had my ears pierced about three years prior, at a Piercing Pagoda (do not recommend), but my ears had gotten infected from the crappy metal, and I ended up having to get my earrings surgically removed! But now that I was sixteen, I could get my ears re-pierced in an actual parlor. They were running a special that day, so I decided to get my lobes re-pierced and get my industrial done as well.

I had mostly been nervous for my lobe piercings, as I wasn’t sure how much scar tissue I had accumulated from my surgical removals a few years prior. Those, however, turned out to be the easy ones. When my piercer got to my industrial, that’s when things got difficult. When he went to pierce the cartilage at the top of the piercing, we discovered my skin and cartilage were very tough. He had to basically shove the hollow needle through my ear, which was putting up a fight. Finally, after a few minutes of trying, I finally heard a “POP” and felt a rush of nausea when he finally punched it through. For the first year or so, I had some complications with it, as you could imagine. I developed one of those little bumps on the lower half that would not go away, no matter what I did to get rid of it. It was extremely sensitive, every little bump or snag sent me through the roof in pain.

Finally, I learned that it would probably have better luck healing if I switched to a titanium barbell. So, I did. Almost immediately, the bump went away and the piercing finally healed.I went through hell with this piercing in the beginning, and even thought about taking it out altogether. But once it healed, it became my favorite piercing. To this day, it is still my absolute favorite piercing that I have. It also helps that titanium jewelry has gotten much cuter since then!