I was in my Junior year in college and after my finals were over it was time to party of course! On impulse, the night of my last exam I went over to the tattoo shop, the piercer Mike (who is awesome by the way) set up the room while I signed all of the paper work to get it done. I was called back into the room I took my roommate with me so I wasn’t by myself. I went to the shop with the intention to only get one of my nipples pierced, I was apprehensive about the pain but when I got in the back Mike convinced me that it was just be odd to have just one nipple pierced, I was convinced so I decided to get both pierced. The first one didn’t hurt so much but the second one hurt pretty bad. Partying after my piercing didn’t really go as planned, my nipples were extremely swollen so I went home and iced them for a few hours and they were perfectly fine. I must say that of all my piercings that I have now my nipple rings have to be my favorite!