Jennifer T.

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So, here’s my totally random story….I had been contemplating getting a nose piercing for quite some time….thinking of the pros and cons, “will it be acceptable in the workplace?”, “will people look at my differently because of it?”, “will I even like it?” All this contemplating took place when I was around the age of 18. My mom and I had gone to get our tongues pierced the year prior. So my mom and I had decided to go to Cape Cod for the week of my birthday in August. We randomly wandered into a jewelry store (also a piercing spot as well). We decided that we would pick out some new tongue rings, I was so fixated on the one that had the skull and crossbones on it (I LOVE pirates!) So, we purchased the tongue rings, then my mother says to me, “hey Jenn, I know you said a couple of years ago that you wanted to get your nose pierced, now seems like a good a time as any.”
I was so nervous, especially since I had so many friends who’ve had nose piercings that either got infected, or they had sinus issues because of them. I was so anxious and I came up with any excuse to not get it. So, we left the jewelry store, and my dignity as well. We went to dinner at Gringo’s in Hyannis (which is one of the best Mexican spots I’ve had) and had the best enchiladas I had ever had in my whole life, I mean it! These were so delicious, I ate more Mexican food than any other night ever. My mom and I went back to the hotel room and she asked me, “why didn’t you decide to get the nose piercing, are you chicken?’ Then she proceeded to “cluck” at me….”real mature mom,” but I couldn’t help but laugh at how immature she has being. I had said to her, “yes, I was a little comprehensive about the piercing mainly because I don’t want to wind up NOT liking it after all the trouble of actually getting it.”

So, she made it perfectly clear that she would pay for it for me as a birthday present if I REALLY wanted it. I contemplated the thought and offer for a few minutes before giving a response, “YES!” She decided that she would bring me that next day after lunch, which would be around noon or so. I was still nervous, I know that getting my tongue piercing didn’t hurt, but I didn’t know if this piercing was going to be painful, but then again they do say, “beauty is pain.” That next day, we went out to eat at Gringo’s again, and yes I had enchilada’s again! After eating the best food again for the second time in only two days, we were on our way back to that jewelry store…
“Hello ladies, didn’t I see you yesterday?’ My mom of course had to say something smart, “Yes! You did, my daughter here was too much of a chicken sh*t to get her nose pierced, so now we’re back to see if she’ll actually go through with it.” “Okay, so, was there any specific styled stud you were thinking of?” I wasn’t totally sure, “Not really, I guess the usual stud used would be fine.”
“Alright, here’s one that has a cubic zirconia and it’s 316L surgical steel.” “okay, that works fine for me.”
So, he let my mother know that the price of the piercing was going to be thirty five dollars. She paid the thirty five dollars and I slowly moved to the special chair used for piercings. The piercer could tell that I was nervous, he told me, “There’s nothing to be nervous about, this’ll be quick and all you’ll feel at most is a pinch. I can see you have a tattoo on the back of your neck, if you’re able to get THAT, then this should be a cinch.” I felt a little more at ease, “I suppose you’re right. I don’t have anything to worry about, just stick you’re needle in me, hahahah.”
“Oh, you are funny!.” My mother pointed out, “AND…a pervert, just like your mother.”
I leaned back and let the piercer do his job. I took a deep breath and anticipated a lot of pain, and before I knew it, he was done. It was not painful at all, just some pressure. I thanked him I don’t know how many times before we left the store. I was so happy to finally have that nose piercing I’d been dying to get for almost two years. I was so excited, I bought another stud and a hoop as well. Of course I had to buy piercing cleaner, which wasn’t that expensive.
“I am so happy I got it! Let’s get some Ice cream.” My mom looked at me, “sure, but who’s buying?” “Duh! I am, of course.” I assured her.
We each had a waffle cone, I always get vanilla with chocolate dip. I couldn’t stop smiling because of getting the piercing and even more excited that my mom was kind enough to pay for it as a birthday present for me. It made me feel so cool for a few weeks having a new piercing to show off, but now I’ve had it for so long, sometimes I forget it’s there, but then there are times that I feel with my nose ring (especially the chain that travels to my ear) I’m one step closer to achieving piracy!!