By Melissa R. from Irving, TX.



Okay, so i had just gotten through a rough patch in life. I had been debating on sticking with my snake bites and center labret or going in a new direction. I had asked many a friend for their opinion on this. Then there was corey. He was very adamant on spider bites. He texted, called, and stuck on me about them. I finally gave in and got the spider bites. I thought they were awesome! I rocked them out! Well time passed on and life kept going and then this boy became the boyfriend. We were random talking one day and mid conversation he just stops and gets real quiet. I was like what?!? He simply said spider bites. I was like yes baby i has’em lol. He said”yes, but i never told you WHY i was so incessant”. This sparked my curiousity so i bit. Okay, so why the spider bites? He says “i’ve always liked you. I figured if ever i was so lucky to be with you at any point in time it would be nice for you to have spider bites so you wouldn’t clink with my snake bites.” I stopped for a minute. “you mean to tell me you took a chance on my piercings in the HOPE that one day we’d be together?” He Said yep. To this day i laugh at how fate works sometimes but they have become my most treasured piercing! I am still with the boy to this day too. Never thought a piercing would mean so much to me but they do! I’ve also learned to run with what life gives you sometimes too :). I know this little thing has forever changed my life in great and wonderful ways! Lol