Body piercing is not just a fashion statement, but a topic of serious archeological investigation, and evidence of this practice goes as far back as 2500 BC, where we find the oldest earrings in the world. In addition, the art of body piercing has also come under scrutiny of law-making bodies.

But here we are; body piercing is just getting more popular by the day. One of taboo, yet creative and beautiful form of this art is nipple piercing. Although even most piercing fans would not like nipple piercings, it can actually create a striking appearance, especially if one has the right nipple rings to go along with it.

In fact, nipple rings now form a significant chunk of body jewelry. So here are a few words on nipple rings for those who are willing to get this body part pierced as well.

To begin with, when you head out to the body jewelry market, you will find nipple rings in wide variety, with some being simple while other being flamboyant to say the least. The basic design of nipple rings is simple; there are captive bead rings held in place by a ball or bead that is held in place by tension.

These nipple rings are available in a plethora of sizes and gauges which a user can select according to personal preferences. Alongside nipple rings, items like barbells or nipple bars can also enhance the aesthetic effects of nipple piercings.

These bars are either straight or a little curved and are kept together by two beads on either hand that are mostly screwed. Still another option is a nipple shield. These go remarkably well with traditional nipple rings.

Nipple shields cover the entire areola, leaving the nipple visible. These shields provides space for additional jewelry as well, which you can put on to create a unique, exotic look.

But coming back to nipple rings, people who are actually interested in these items will be glad to know these rings are more diverse at present than they ever were. It was long back when nipple rings were only created from plain metal.

But now, a lot of different materials are used, such as plastics, bone, and wood. The colors and designs have also increased in range. For example, you can get customized nipple rings that can have logos or rhinestones on them.

Moreover, some nipple rings also come with attached items that are dangling from the rings. This means people with different tastes can find a nipple ring that suits their desire, and you can even get different rings for different occasions.

So if you have already got your nipples pierced but have no explored jewelry options for this part of the body, start shopping today!

If you plan to get your nipples pierced, you have to remember that it can be painful and may take a long time to heal. However, if you have your eyes fixed on that exotic look, you would be able to make it through.