By: Katrina From: Nebraska



It all started about 2 years ago when I started to pierce my body, other than my ears. I started out with a belly ring, I then got my tongue pierced and just recently pierced my eyebrow. I absolutely love all of my body piercings. I decided to do something different I wanted to add some sparkle and color to my tattoos so I decided to get a dermal put in my tattoo. I have two birds tattooed on my chest and of course me being me got bored with how they looked over time and decided they need something added to them and since it’s on my chest I didn’t want to add to the tattoo and my friend had recently gotten dermals put in her back and I absolutely loved them so I decided dermals it is. I went back to the same tattoo shop I always go to and saw my piercer Louis, he’s so awesome, when I told him I was there for dermal anchors he almost flipped out he was expecting me to get another regular piercing. He was excited to do them, he had me lay back on the table and he did mine with a dermal punch rather than the piercing needle he said something about the healing time being easier. Hey easy works for me, I must say out of all my piercing the dermal anchors had to hurt the worse by far, would I do it again… I doubt it but I love how they look though!