Caleigh M.

US5-PairI was really scared at first to get my snakebites. It felt like it took forever to get the money. I would do odd and end jobs to get the money, which was roughly forty dollars. But when I finally got the money I couldn’t wait to go get it done. At first when I went in and they did it it felt fine. On the way home I stuck my head out the window and the wind going through hurt and after awhile it started healing. I preferred to use witch hazel. When I went to change them I think that was the hardest part. It took hours to get the ball on until I got use to it. Than when id wear hoops they’d dig in and hurt my lip real bad. Later I learned it was because it wasnt healed completely because I kept changing the rings. But now its all healed and better. Except I keep stabbing my boyfriend in the lip with my metal spiked studs. Lol.